Terms of payment

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are to be paid as follows into the account indicated in each case:
    Plastic parts: within 14 days after date of invoice less 2% discount, or 30 days strictly net.
    • 1/3 upon placing of the order,
    • 1/3 upon receipt of initial sample parts fit for use,
    • 1/3 after approval of the parts, however 6 weeks after initial sampling at the latest, strictly net, deductions are not allowed.
    Assembly work: 14 days after date of invoice, strictly net.
  2. Deduction of discount shall only be allowed if all financial obligations from preceding deliveries and services have been met, and if deduction of discount was agreed upon in writing.
  3. The period allowed for payment detailed in our invoice shall be deemed to be the contractually agreed due date. If payment is not made by the due date, such shall automatically constitute a default, without any requirement for notice thereof. If the customer fails to pay on the due date, we shall be entitled to demand default interest to the amount of 4% p.a. above the base interest rate of the European Central Bank valid at the time. If we are in a position to prove that the damage caused by default is higher than that, we shall be entitled to claim a correspondingly higher compensation.
  4. Delivery shall be effected against invoice. In special cases, if no information on the customer's credit standing/financial soundness is available or its credit standing/financial soundness is considered to be insufficient, our shipments shall be made against pre-payment or cash on delivery.
  5. We will only accept bills of exchange on the basis of a specific written agreement. Any possible discounting and bill charges shall be at the expense of the customer and shall be immediately due.
  6. In case of delayed payment we shall, after giving written notice thereof to the contract partner, be allowed to suspend the performance of our duties until receipt of such payments.
    In the event that after concluding the contract we become aware of any circumstances which may reduce the creditworthiness of the contract partner, we shall be entitled to refuse to perform and allow the contract partner a reasonable period within which payments are to be made concurrently with supply or security is to be provided. If the contract partner refuses to do so, or if such deadline expires without success, we shall be allowed to withdraw from the contract and demand damages for non-performance.